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Blaptica Dubia (Guyana Orange Spotted Roach)

Origin: Central & South America, from French Guyana through Brazil to Argentina
Habitat: The floors of Tropical Rainforests
Temperature: 75-92 degrees
Humidity: Moderate 30-55%

This information was collected off the internet along with some experience we have had with keeping and raising Dubia. Everyone’s experience may be different


Setting up a Blaptica Dubia colony is very easy. It literally takes about 5 minutes.

1. You will need a sterilite storage bin or something similar. The smallest we use are the 22 gallon bins. *Note* Make sure that you get one that is a solid color. Do not use clear ones as they will let too much light into the colony. Remember roaches are nocturnal and don't mind living in the dark.

2. Cut a hole in the lid 8 x 8. This can be done by many means including scissors or a razor knife. Please make sure that you do not let any younger children perform this step.

3. Once you've got your hole cut you are ready secure the mesh or aluminum screen. We prefer the screen door mesh you can buy at your local hardware store since Blaptica Dubia cannot chew through it. Cut the mesh a little bigger than the hole and glue it on w/ a hot glue gun.

4. It's time to put some egg crates into your enclosure. An egg crate is an egg crate. Some people call them roach crates but there is no difference. Lean them vertically to one side of the tub. We use 8-10 per tub. Leaning them instead of stacking them provides easy access for the roaches and allows roach waste (frass) to drop to the bottom of the enclosure.

5. Provide your roaches w/ a dish of high protein roach chow & water crystals.

Roach Chow can be bought or made. Roach Chow should be available to your roaches all the time. There are many different recipes that keepers make and for the most part they are all very good for your roaches. If you are interested in  roach chow contact us we carry some.

Water Crystals are a must for keeping roaches. After sitting awhile, a wet sponge or paper towel can harbor mold that will wipe out your entire colony. Another mistake is putting in a dish of water. Bad idea. Roaches drown very easy, especially young roaches. Water crystals can be purchased here at American Bearded Dragons or at a variety of other places on the Internet. Simply put 1 oz. (6 teaspoons) into a gallon container, add water, and wait overnight. Water gel crystals are a water absorbing polymer that expands over 400%. Your roaches can crawl on them w/o the possibility of drowning.

Fruits & Vegetables should be offered at least once if not twice a week. Clean out what isn't eaten after 48 hours so that you don't have an outbreak of mold. In our experience there are a few foods that our Dubia colonies seem to REALLY enjoy. Carrots of any type are a staple. We usually combine them w/ one variety of fruit. Apples, grapes, oranges, bananas and especially pears are totally devoured within the 48 hour limit. We cut all our food up into either wedges or pieces for our roaches and they really seem to appreciate it. Additionally fruits and vegetables offer yet another source of hydration as well.

Temperature *VERY IMPORTANT*: All species of feeder roach come from tropical environments. Temps should be between 80-95 degrees. They need heat for 2 reasons. Health and breeding purposes. Roaches get very active at higher temps, which means that they propagate faster, eat more, and grow quicker. There are a few ways that proper temps can be attained. Do some research and find method that best suits you.

Humidity is also very important to roaches. This can be accomplished by combining the right temps & the right size vent, w/ a full dish of water crystals in the tub. It should put you right around 40-60% humidity which is just right for most species of tropical roach. *Note* As your roaches grow they will molt. Proper humidity is essential to molting. A poor molt can lead to the death of a cockroach. You will be able to tell a freshly molted cockroach as they will be white.

Do not use any substrate. Roaches will make there own in the form of roach droppings which is called "frass". It sounds a little gross but they even use it as a beneficial food source, especially as babies. Also Blaptica Dubia are burrowers and if you use substrate it will make gathering the roaches and cleaning out your tub that much harder.

Maintenance can be done as often as you like but at least clean out your tub every 3-4 months. Simply take out the roaches, flush the frass and exoskeletons down the toilet and scrub out the tub. *Note* Wear rubber gloves when performing a cleaning.

Add Roaches! The most commonly asked question is how many roaches to start w? That depends on how many mouths you're feeding. We always tell people not to start a colony with any less than 100 roaches. The more you start w/ the quicker your colony will come together.

*TIPS* The following are a couple tips that if followed will really help your colony to flourish. PATIENCE! It takes a roach colony a while to ramp up, but once it establishes itself you will never have to buy another feeder for your animals ever again. Another tip that will work wonders for your colony is to leave them alone other than feeding, maintenance, and a weekly check of the colony. Roaches do much better when not bothered. Above all have fun!

As an animal enthusiast it is very satisfying to breed roaches for our animals consumption. They are also a great learning tool and some people even keep them as exotic pets.

As w/ handling any animal, remember to wash your hands afterward!

As with the other sections on this website feel free to contact us w/ any questions that you may have about setting up your own roach colony.

WEB SITE : www.abdragons.com

 Email Me info@abdragons.com