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Water Crystals

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Water Crystals

Medium Sized (1-2mm) Water Absorbing Polymer Crystals.

These crystals are commonly used in Arts & Crafts, soil moisture management, and for providing safe hydration to feeder insects such as crickets and dubia roaches. We offer water crystals in the following amounts:

1 OZ... $3.99
8 OZ... $7.95
1 LB... $13.00
2 LB... $18.99
3 LB... $23.50
5 LB... $35.95

Water Absorbing Polymer Crystals absorbs over 400 times their weight in water. To use these water crystals for watering your feeder insects:

·   Use 1 oz of Water Polymer Crystals by weight for each gallon of water. For smaller quantities use 1 teaspoon per 8oz of water.

·   Allow to saturate for at least 1 hour.

·   Strain off excess water before use.

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