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    Repashy Bluey Buffet 3oz. Jar

    Now: $12.59
    Was: $13.99
    Bluey Buffet Insect based Omnivore gel premix   Our formula for Blue Tongue Skinks and other omnivorous species of reptiles such as Bearded Dragons and other Skink species.   INGREDIENTS: Black Soldier Fly Larvae Meal, Dried Egg,...
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    Repashy Calcium Plus HYD 3oz. Jar

    Now: $10.07
    Was: $11.19
    Repashy Calcium Plus HyD (3 oz Jar)  Vitamin and Calcium Supplement   All-in-One calcium supplement with added vitamins, trace minerals, and carotenoids for species with high vitamin D Requirements that receive little UVB radiation from...
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    Repashy Chicken Pot Pie

    $13.49 - $17.99
    Chicken Pot PieMeaty Omnivore Gel Premix Our Chicken based Omnivore formula for opportunistic species. A complete diet that can also be fed as an occasional treat to herbivores and insectivores. INGREDIENTS: Chicken Broth, Pea Flour, Corn Flour, Carrot...
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