ProBugs Superworms Box

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  • ProBugs Superworms Box
  • ProBugs Superworms Box
  • ProBugs Superworms Box
  • ProBugs Superworms Box
  • ProBugs Superworms Box


ProBugs Superworms Box 

Quantity: 10 packages  

Usage method/storage: 

Store in room temperature & avoid direct sunlight

Immediately feed once package is open. Refrigeration needed for unfinished product in package.

Expiration period: 18 months

FDA and USDA Approved 

Superworms are 2 inches in length and 1/4 inch in diameter.  

Reptiles, birds, fish, turtles/tortoises, invertebrate, small mammals/rodents and even chickens love them.  

Fresh Farm Raised insect used in this product through a patented technology from China. This technology sterilizes these insects by removing pathogens that might be carried in the living body while preserving their high nutrient contents. Eco-Fresh is also preservative free which makes it safe and healthy feed for your beloved pets. The production process is environmental friendly without the usage of any chemicals. 

In addition, this product preserves all its nutrition value of the insect without any preservative.

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1 Review

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    No hassle feeding!

    Posted by Christine Cook on 24th Nov 2018

    As an alternative to live bugs, I have tried freeze dried bugs, bugs in a can, etc. These are the only ones my bearded dragon will eat. They are very convenient - no shipping worries, no bug housing worries, no escaping the food dish worries. One packet is a perfect serving size for my adult dragon.

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