Repashy Superfoods

Repashy Superfoods

  • Repashy Beardie Buffet

    $14.99 - $17.99
    Bearded Dragon Special Omnivore Gel PremixOur formula for all Insect and Veggie eating species of Omnivores.   INGREDIENTS: Black Soldier Fly Larvae, Pea Protein Isolate, Rice Protein Concentrate, Alfalfa Meal, Dandelion Flour,  Carrot...
  • Repashy Banana Cream Pie 3oz. Jar

    Repashy Banana Cream Pie (3 oz Jar) A vitamin and mineral fortified sweet and nutritious treat, topper, or tasty mix-in for omnivores, herbivores, and frugivores. This new formula can be fed as a Gel, Paste, or Smoothie. Its 70% real dried fruit! As a...
  • On Sale


    Repashy Bluey Buffet 3oz. Jar

    Now: $12.59
    Was: $13.99
    Bluey Buffet Insect based Omnivore gel premix   Our formula for Blue Tongue Skinks and other omnivorous species of reptiles such as Bearded Dragons and other Skink species.   INGREDIENTS: Black Soldier Fly Larvae Meal, Dried Egg,...
  • Repashy Calcium Plus

    $12.00 - $20.00
    Repashy Calcium Plus 3oz. and 6oz.  Vitamin and Calcium Supplement “All-in-One” calcium supplement with added vitamins, trace minerals, and carotenoids for dusting insects. No need for a separate vitamin supplement. DIRECTIONS: Use...
  • On Sale

    Repashy Calcium Plus HYD 3oz. Jar

    Now: $10.07
    Was: $11.19
    Repashy Calcium Plus HyD (3 oz Jar)  Vitamin and Calcium Supplement   All-in-One calcium supplement with added vitamins, trace minerals, and carotenoids for species with high vitamin D Requirements that receive little UVB radiation from...
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    Repashy Chicken Pot Pie

    $13.49 - $17.99
    Chicken Pot PieMeaty Omnivore Gel Premix Our Chicken based Omnivore formula for opportunistic species. A complete diet that can also be fed as an occasional treat to herbivores and insectivores. INGREDIENTS: Chicken Broth, Pea Flour, Corn Flour, Carrot...
  • Rephasy

    Repashy Grassland Grazer 3oz. Jar

    GrassLand Grazer Tortoise Gel Premix   Our Low Protein, High Fiber Gel Formula for Leaf, Grass, Flower, and Veggie Eating Species such as Tortoises and Uromastyx.   INGREDIENTS: Dandelion Powder, Nopal Powder, Ground Grass, Alfalfa Meal,...
  • Repashy Grub Pie

    $12.99 - $16.99
    Repashy Grub Pie 3oz. and 6oz. Jar This insect based meal replacement gel is for insectivorous species reptiles and amphibians. Hand feed it with tongs to picky eaters to end hunger strikes (or fingers if you're brave!) Use in extreme weather or...
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    Repashy Meat Pie 3oz. Jar

    Now: $15.30
    Was: $17.00
    Repashy Meat Pie (3 oz Jar) CARNIVORE GEL PREMIX This replacement gel is for carnivorous species is great for monitors, tegus, newts, salamanders, horned frogs and even carnivorous insects such as Dermestid (Cleaner Crew).   DIRECTIONS: Mix...
  • Repashy Morning Wood 3oz.

    Morning Wood Xylivore Gel Premix   Morning Wood Detritivore Gel Premix   Our Calcium Fortified, Super Firm, Long Lasting Formula for Isopods, Springtails, and other detritus feeding insects. INGREDIENTS: Cellulose Powder, Dried Seaweed...
  • On Sale


    Repashy Super Veggie 3oz. Jar

    Now: $10.07
    Was: $11.19
    Repashy SuperVeggie (3 oz Jar) “ALL-IN-ONE” HERBIVORE SUPPLEMENT This “All-In-One” herbivore supplement provides all essential vitamins and minerals for herbivores such as Tortoises, Iguanas, Uromastyx, as well as omnivores...
  • Repashy Superfly 6oz. Jar

    Repashy Superfly (6 oz Jar) FLY CULTURE MEDIA    Instant formula for fruit fly cultures. This premium mixture is fortified with minerals, trace elements, vitamins, and carotenoids in order to maximize the nutritional value of fruit flies as...
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