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11" Flex Watt Heat Tape

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11" Flex Watt Heat Tape



Flex Watt Heat Tape 11"


The 11" Flex Watt Heat Tape (length selected above) is available in either the continuous or panelized style, at 20 watts per linear foot. See the chart below for more details on the different sizes and wattages available. We have new sizes (2" and 6") coming soon! Email us for the latest updates.


Our Flex Watt Heat Tape is ultra thin, at just 0.012" thick! It is permanently sealed in a durable, tough flexible plastic coating so it can be used in many different heating applications. This is an AC application, and requires a 110v input. If you need to control the temperature to a specific range, we recommend that you use a thermostat or rheostat to control the temperature. Don't forget to check out our electrical clips and insulators. You'll need them for installation!




Flex Watt Heat Tape Widths and Wattages

Size Watts/(per linear foot) Maximum continuous length 
3 inches 6 Watts maximum length – 80 feet
3 inches 10 Watts maximum length – 48 feet
4 inches 5 Watts maximum length – 96 feet
4 inches 8 Watts maximum length – 60 feet
11 inches Panel 20 Watts maximum length – 24 feet
11 inches Continuous 20 Watts maximum length – 24 feet

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