Feeding Your Dubia Roaches

Feeding your Dubia Roaches

Your newly acquired Dubias are hardy survivors, and if you don’t pay any attention to what you feed them they won’t die quickly like other feeder insects. But even with the inherent toughness of Dubia roaches, you should care what you feed these guys for two reasons. First, if you feed your Dubias well, and they get all of the nutrients they need, your feeder colony will do well and your roaches will produce and you won’t need to buy feeder insects in the future. Second, the nutritional content of your roaches is highly influenced by what they are eating, and if you want your pets to be fully nourished and get all they can out their roach diet, then you should care about what your Dubias are eating too.

The staple of your roaches’ diet should be “roach chow,” a term for a roach specific food that you can make from a variety of recipes or buy online at a reasonable price. Buying chow online will mean that you are sure your roaches are getting the nutrition they need, but there are lots of good DIY recipes as well if you would prefer to mix your own roach food.

Roach Chow can be bought or made. Roach Chow should be available to your roaches all the time. There are many different recipes that keepers make and for the most part, they are all provide good nutrition for your roaches. If you are interested in roach chow, we carry it here at ABDragons. We offer both dry food and gel.

From there, you should concentrate on enriching your chow with vitamins and minerals for the remaining 10% of your recipe. Dry vitamin and protein powders can be good, and some recipes recommend using a fish food pellet. Grinding up fortified breakfast cereals can be a good idea too. Browse some of the many recipes available online, and experiment a bit. Whatever you throw in your roach chow, make sure that all of your ingredients are

dry. In preparing your chow, you will want to mix all of your ingredients together into one powder. Use a blender or food processor if you have one.

Once you have prepared your chow, you will want to make sure that your roaches have a constant supply of the food source. Put a medium sized bowl in your roach colony, and keep it filled. If you have a lot of roaches, consider two smaller bowls, spaced out for easy access. Just be sure that your bowls are getting constantly replenished, as your roaches will grow and breed fastest if they get all the food they can eat.

In addition to “roach chow,” you should provide your Dubias with a regular source of fruits and vegetables. This will make your roaches happier and healthier, as they are accustomed to getting some flora in their diet. Carrots are a great choice, as are apples, grapes, oranges, and bananas. Just make sure that whatever fruits and vegetable you introduce are sliced small enough for roach consumption, and that you maintain some sort of variety in order to be sure that your Dubias are getting all of the vitamins and minerals that fruits and veggies have to offer.

Typically, fruits and vegetables should be introduced into your roach colony at least once and ideally twice a week. After putting the healthy fruits and veggies into your colony, be sure to monitor closely and make sure that the materials don’t mold. Any uneaten materials should be removed after 48 hours at the latest to be sure that mold and rot doesn’t contaminate your colony.

And speaking of mold, you should be very careful about providing a water source for your Dubia roaches. Just leaving a full water dish in your colony is a very very bad idea. First, roaches are very susceptible to drowning, especially your nymphs and smaller Dubias. Second, the presence of water which can be splashed and make a mess can lead to mold, which is disastrous for your colony and can wipe out all of your Dubias very quickly. While you do need to keep your roaches hydrated, a basic bowl of water is NOT the way to go about it.

Instead, your roach colony should rely on water crystals for a hydration source. A bowl full of water crystals will keep your roaches healthy without putting them in danger of mold or drowning, and is really the best thing there is for your colony’s success. Some guide recommend a wet sponge or paper towel, to avoid the danger of drowning. But such methods are very prone to creating mold, which again is deadly to Dubia’s and can destroy all of your hard work. While roaches are typically hardy and easy to care for, water crystals aren’t something you can compromise on or get away with. Anything else jeopardizes your colony.

In general, your roaches won’t be picky eaters and should be fairly easy to feed and water. A constantly full bowl of chow and a full bowl of water crystals will keep your roaches happy, and the addition of fruits and vegetable at least once a week will keep them healthy. If your roaches aren’t reproducing, make sure that they are getting enough chow. And whatever you do, be sure not to use a basic water bowl or leave moldy fruit in your colony, as the results are disastrous.


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