Bee Pollen Powder or Granules

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  • 1 oz Granular Pure Bee Pollen
  • Bee Pollen Powder or Granules


1 oz Bee Pollen

Available: Granules or Powder

Amazing product used many breeders as an added ingredient in chow .Talk about an excellent all natural multi vitamin source for dusting or mixing into slurries to revive nutrition in under nourished dragons. You can also use it to gut load your crickets, worms and dubia by mixing into chows and making feeder insects more nutritional for your dragons. Bee pollen is found on almost all food items in nature, but often is left out of many store bought foods.


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13 Reviews

  • 5
    Bee polen

    Posted by Brian Gilliam on 6th Jul 2021

    Good stuff. My dragon loves it on his veggies.

  • 4
    Good quality pollen

    Posted by Ken Forrester on 4th May 2021

    This pollen seems to do the trick for luring a bearded dragon towards their greens. I'm still experimenting with this product.. arrived fast in a resealable pouch. I went with the powder option.

  • 5
    Great for picky bearded dragons!

    Posted by Samantha Millwood on 7th Feb 2021

    Bee pollen has helped my very picky bearded dragon put on weight and start to eat his greens so much better. I will always have it on hand to feed him.

  • 5
    Bee pollen

    Posted by Nicole Morgan on 19th Jul 2020

    I ordered the bee pollen to put on veggies for my bearded dragon to get him to eat them and it has worked great. It came quickly and was not disappointed.

  • 5

    Posted by Janette F. on 6th Jun 2020

    Great product, arrived quickly, my beardie loves the powder sprinkled on his veggies.

  • 5
    Helped my picky eater put on weight

    Posted by Samantha Millwood on 3rd Jun 2020

    My bearded dragon is an extremely picky eater, but this bee pollen powder has him eating super well. He wasnt sure about it at first but once he tasted it he was in love. He's put on weight already and eats better than he ever did before!

  • 5
    Bee Pollen

    Posted by Stacy M Milks on 1st Jun 2020

    This was my first time ordering bee pollen and my dragons and dubia roaches are loving it!

  • 4
    Bee pollen powder

    Posted by Susan Valle on 8th Mar 2020

    I got this to see if my beardie would eat her greens. She does like it

  • 5
    Great buy!

    Posted by Tasha on 18th Mar 2018

    My beardie hasn’t figured out how amazing this bee pollen is, but the roaches seem to really enjoy it. Helps with variety in feeding, and gut loading.

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