Isopods !!NEW!!

Isopods !!NEW!!

Now Available 

  • Armadillidium Maculatum "Zebra"

    A. Maculatum "Zebra" is another favorite isopod.  Their black bodies with white stripes make them a truly beautiful specimen.  It is important for them to have a cuttlebone for calcium to reproduce.  They are easy to keep, and they...
  • Isopoda sp. Dwarf Costa Rican Purple

    Costa Rican Purple isopods, also called dwarf purple isopods, are used in bioactive vivariums as a clean-up crew and also an additional food source for reptiles and amphibians.  Reproduces quickly.   Consider adding on Repashy Morning...
  • Porcellio Laevis "Orange"

    10 to a cup P. Laevis "Orange" are very active and hardy isopods that gladly eat whatever you feed them.  They are not picky!  They are very easy to keep and reproduce quickly.  Like other Laevis, they like magnolia leaves, magnolia...
  • Porcellio Scaber "Dalmatian"

    10 to a cup P. scaber "Dalmatian" are white with gray/black speckles.  They are easy to keep and reproduce quickly.  Like other scaber, they can also used in bioactive setups. They like leaf litter, fish flakes, and vegetable scraps such as...
  • Out of stock

    Porcellionides Pruinosus "Powder Blue"

    10 count to a cup P. Pruinosus "Powder Blue" is an excellent cleanup crew and additional food source in bioactive vivariums.  They are a hardy species fast medium-sized isopod with a soft body, which also reproduces quickly. Powder blue isopods...
  • Repashy Morning Wood 3oz.

    Morning Wood Detritivore Gel Premix  DIRECTIONS: To prepare one cup of product, add ¼ cup of powder into ¾ cup of cold water and stir until blended. Microwave until it starts to boil (typically 2-3 minutes), remove and stir...
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