How Does Temperature Impact BSF Larvae?

17th Jun 2020

Here Are the Optimum Temperatures for Mating and Growth.

Black soldier flies are native to just about every corner of the United States. They have quickly become one of the most popular feeder species for reptiles because they are relatively easy to take care of and inexpensive to breed. But temperature and diet impact breeding success, and you can’t maximize the potential of your larvae without paying careful attention to the environment that you are raising them in. We have a great BSF larvae how-to blog on our site that has some simple tips to keep in mind while you are getting ready to start your black soldier fly colony. In the meantime, let’s explore temperature and its impact on BSF larvae.

Black soldier fly larvae don’t deal well with cold temperatures.

If the temperature gets below freezing, BSF larvae do not fare well. 32° Fahrenheit is, of course, the temperature that water freezes at, and that goes for BSF larvae as well. BSF larvae will not last more than a few hours at that temperature. If the temperature drops below 50°F, the BSF larvae become dramatically less active and less healthy.

BSF larvae are most active when the temperature is just right.

The BSF larvae are most active when the temperature is between 50°F and 113°F. The larvae are more likely to mate when active, so it’s important to keep the temperature warm and the conditions moist to keep them moving!

82°F is the temperature for mating.

If you want to get the temperature just right for mating, you want it to be in the exact middle of the range stated above, which is about 82°F. The BSF will still mate at temperatures a little above or below that optimum temperature, but your odds increase at that magic number.

113°F is the maximum temp for BSF larvae survival.

Just as 32°F is the coldest temperature that your BSF larvae can tolerate for survival, 113°F is the warmest temperature that they can live at. Anything above that temperature and it gets very hard for BSF larvae to live more than a few hours.

So, there are some temperature tips for your BSF larvae. As always, ABDragons has all of the food and supplies you need to raise your BSF larvae to feed your reptiles and other pets. We are always here to ask questions, so  reach out and let us know how we can help with your colony!

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