Questions for Bruce: Are Phoenix Worms Different From BSF Larvae?

1st Jul 2020

Questions for Bruce

Are Phoenix Worms Different From Black Soldier Fly (BSF) Larvae?

Jayden from Burton, Ohio, asked: “Hey, Bruce! I see so many options for Phoenix Worms and BSF Larvae, but I hear that they are the same thing. Is this true?"

Bruce’s Answer: "Thanks for asking, Jayden! As a connoisseur of all things winged and crawly, I can tell you that these two insects are similar but not identical. Let’s look at some of the differences that set Phoenix Worms apart from BSF Larvae."

Phoenix Worms Have a Great Balance of Fat and Protein

Phoenix Worms are nutritious enough to be a staple food in your herptile’s balanced diet. This makes them a safe option for your reptile to eat every day.

Phoenix Worms Provide an Ideal Amount of Calcium

BSF Larvae are very rich in calcium, too, but one of the great things about Phoenix Worms is that they are bred and engineered not to contain too much calcium. A diet that is too rich in calcium can lead to hypercalcemia which can be deadly to reptiles.

Phoenix Worms Have a Balanced Diet, Too

Most of the vitamin and nutrient balance that Phoenix Worms are known for is due to the diet that they are fed. They were engineered and bred as an off-shoot of the traditional BSF Larvae, and their special diet makes them extremely healthy for your reptile to eat.

If you are looking to try Phoenix Worms for your reptile’s diet, you are in the right place! ABDragons has all of your feeder insect needs covered, including a full selection of Phoenix Worms and accessories. Shop our Phoenix Worms today!

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