ProBugs Partnership

bearded dragon

Meet ProBugs...


For more than 20 years, the experts at ProBugs have bred farm-raised insects, including the Eco-Fresh Insect. With a mission to provide worldwide distribution to everyone so that pets around the globe can experience the best feeds which are safe and healthy.

ProBugs provides Eco-Fresh Super Worms, Meal Worms, Phoenix Worms, Dubia Roaches, Grasshoppers and more to fish, lizards, turtles, invertebrate, birds and small mammals and rodents. 

Why ProBugs?

ab-dragons-thumbnails-2-02.pngWe partnered with ProBugs in an effort to supply our customers with alternative options to live insect feeders. This is great option for our customers that are not a huge fan on handling live insect feeders. Also, this is a great option for picky reptiles that want a change in their diet. This is a great opportunity to offer insect feeders that are normally not available in today’s market or pet stores.




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