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How to Keep Your Turtle Healthy

Posted by ABDragons on 2nd Nov 2017

When it comes to taking care of a turtle, there are a lot of details that you have to remember on a regular basis.
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18 Tips for Taking Care of Your Pet Reptile

Posted by ABDragons on 26th Oct 2017

There is no doubt that having a pet can bring untold joy to someone’s life. When most people think about a p
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How to Care for Your Madagascar Day Gecko

23rd Mar 2016

The Madagascar day gecko is one of the most popular reptile species available today, mainly because of its bright
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How to Care for Your Ackies Monitor

7th Jan 2016

The Ackies Monitor, also known as the spiny-tailed monitor, ridge-tailed monitor, Ackies dwarf monitor, or by its
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How to Care for Your Dumeril’s Monitor

5th Jan 2016

If you’re an exotic pet owner, you know that Monitor lizards can be an impressive sight to behold. Dumeril’s Monit
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How to Care for a Water Monitor

29th Dec 2015

This aptly named lizard, also known as the Varanus Salvator, is a large lizard native to Asia. This creature lives
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