3 Tips for Growing Hornworms

18th Dec 2019

Hornworms make great feeder insects for lizards. They grow super fast, and taking care of them requires some outside-the-box thinking to keep them the perfect size to be a feeder insect. Some people aren’t the biggest fans of hornworms because they wreak havoc on gardens and plants, but they are a delicious treat for your pet dragons and lizards. Let’s take a look at some tips that can help you grow the perfect hornworms.

Tip #1: Keep It Cool

As we stated, hornworms can grow quickly, up to half an inch a day! That can spiral out of control quickly, but there is a way to keep that increasing growth to a minimum. Their maximum growth occurs when they are warm, so you want to keep temps down to about 48-53 degrees Fahrenheit.

Your fridge can run too cold or too hot and can kill your hornworms, so you want to put them in a cooler and fill it with 3 to 5 frozen water bottles to keep temperatures down. For maximum temperature control, switch the bottles out daily.

Tip #2: Keep Them in a Cup

A cup is a great environment for your hornworms to grow. You’ll want to keep the cup top-down with something under it that keeps it breathable for your hornworms and prevents anything from dripping down onto their food supply.

Tip #3: Freeze Before Disposal

If there are hornworms that you are going to get rid of without feeding them to your pets, do not release them into the wild. They are a pest and will be a threat to the environment. Your best option is to freeze them for 48 hours before disposal.

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