A Lesson in Feeder Insects: Worms

28th Jul 2021

Understanding Worms vs. Insect Larvae

Do you remember digging for worms as a kid? Back then, you probably thought a worm was just a worm. Well, buckle up, because we’re taking a quick deep dive into the world of worms, how they are classified, and how many worms are—spoiler alert—not actually worms! We’ll also talk about which worms are particularly delicious as feeders for your beardy or lizard.

Worms are classified into three groups:

• Flatworms: Many of these worms are considered parasites, like tapeworms.

• Roundworms: This group includes threadworms that live in damp, decaying earth or water.

• Segmented worms: These are worms with bodies divided into rings, like the earthworm.

Worms vs. Insect Larvae

A worm does not have limbs, eyes, or scales. They typically have a long tubular body. The larvae of many insects, like beetles or moths, look like a worm, and the insects might share many of the same characteristics as a worm while in its larval stage. So even though these are not classified as worms, many types of insect larvae are referred to as worms. Now, we know that distinction is not critical to you as a pet owner, but we think it’s important to understand more about the foods you feed your pet. Your reptile probably enjoys some, if not all of these popular feeder “worms.”

• Mealworms - The mealworm is the larval stage of the darkling beetle. They look like worms, but when you put your detective glasses on, you’ll notice six jointed legs—and a true worm does not have any limbs. Mealworms are rich in vitamins A and B and are a tender, buttery treat for your pet.

• Waxworms - The waxworm is the caterpillar of the wax moth. In their larval form, wax worms live on the wax in beehives. Waxworms provide a high level of nutrition as feeder insects.

• Hornworms - The hornworm is the caterpillar of the sphinx or hawk moth, part of the family Sphingidae. They are sometimes referred to as tomato hornworms, and have a protrusion from their rear that looks like horns—hence the name!

• Superworms - The superworm is the larva of the darkling beetle. They have less exoskeleton than other feeders in their larval form, making them easier for reptiles to digest.

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