Are Superworms Good for Bearded Dragons?

Are Superworms Good for Bearded Dragons?

23rd Aug 2023

Superworms (Zophobas morio), also known as Goliath worms, can be a suitable addition to a bearded dragon's diet, but they should be offered as an occasional treat rather than a staple food source. Bearded dragons primarily require a diet consisting of live insects, leafy greens, and vegetables. The majority of their diet should be made up of appropriately sized insects such as Dubia roaches and mealworms, along with a variety of vegetables and leafy greens. 

Superworms are larger than other commonly fed insects and have a higher fat content. Therefore, they should be fed sparingly to avoid causing obesity or other health issues in bearded dragons. Superworms are an excellent feeder insect for a dragon who is a fussy eater and on a hunger strike. They are high in water which makes them a great way to rehydrate your pet. 

When feeding superworms, it's crucial to ensure they are appropriately sized for your bearded dragon. The worms should be smaller than the space between the dragon's eyes to prevent any risk of choking. Additionally, you should gut-load and dust the superworms with calcium and vitamin supplements before feeding them to your bearded dragon to enhance their nutritional value. It is recommended to offer superworms to adult bearded dragons that are at least one year old. Remember to always monitor your bearded dragon's health, weight, and overall diet balance. If you have any concerns or questions about your bearded dragon's diet, it's best to consult with a reptile veterinarian or a herpetologist for personalized advice.

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