Celebrating National Reptile Awareness Day

1st Oct 2021

Celebrating National Reptile Awareness Day

Promoting Awareness of Our Reptilian Friends and Their Needs

When ABDragons learned about National Reptile Awareness Day—coming up on October 21, 2021—we wanted to share with all of you. If you are reading this, you likely already have a pet reptile, are considering becoming the new owner of a pet reptile, or, at the very least, you are interested in learning more about our reptilian friends. National Reptile Awareness Day is part of an effort to protect and conserve all species of reptiles across the country. It is intended to promote learning about all the different types of reptiles, the natural habitats where they reside, and the ecological and environmental threats they face.

Did you know…

  • There are more than 11,000 species of reptiles!
  • Many of those species consist of types of snakes and lizards.
  • Almost all reptiles are cold-blooded.
  • Reptiles live on every continent except Antarctica.
  • The largest reptile is the saltwater crocodile which can grow longer than 23 feet and weigh over 2,200 pounds.

What can you do to celebrate National Reptile Awareness Day?

Help educate others about reptiles. As the Association of Reptile and Amphibian Veterinarians notes, many reptiles can safely be bred as pets in a way that promotes “their well-being and the well-being of their owners, the community, and conservation.” If you are the proud owner of a beloved pet dragon, lizard, turtle, or other reptile, consider it a great opportunity to share more about your pet and how you provide for him in a way that recreates his natural habitat and keeps him safe, healthy, and happy.

Learn how to identify reptiles. Did you know that if you see a reptile in the wild, there are a number of mobile apps that can be used to quickly identify it? Some apps allow you to send this information back to scientists and researchers who are tracking where specific species of reptiles live and how they are adapting to their environment. Check out apps like iNaturalist and SnakeSnap!.

Take good care of your reptile pets. The number one thing you can do is to continue to maintain a safe, clean, and comfortable environment for your bearded dragon, lizard, or gecko that models his natural habitat. ABDragons is here to help you do that with a variety of supplies and live feeder insects like Dubia roaches to keep your pet reptile healthy and happy.


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