Choosing the Size of Your Phoenix Worms

28th Jul 2020

Which Size Phoenix Worms Should I Buy?

Choosing Small, Medium, or Large Phoenix Worms

We get this question a lot: Which size Phoenix Worms should I buy for my pet?

Phoenix Worms are popular feeder insects due to their high protein and calcium content. While many reptiles and other critters enjoy them, they are especially popular for bearded dragons. As our customer Erin noted, her bearded dragon enjoyed the large Phoenix Worms and she recommends “pairing them with a variety of greens, blueberries, and squash.”

Now the first thing to realize is that although we classify our worms as small, medium, and large, all Phoenix Worms are relatively small. Even a large Phoenix Worm is less than an inch in length! The choice of which size Phoenix Worm to buy comes down to the age and size of your pet.

When to Buy Small Phoenix Worms

A small Phoenix Worm is 5/16 inch, or 8mm, in length. Their tiny size makes them a good choice for babies and smaller reptiles. Many bearded dragon breeders select this small size to feed to their hatchlings. Finch breeders also prefer this size for breeding pairs and babies.

Other creatures that prefer small Phoenix Worms:

  • Large dart frogs
  • Baby chameleons
  • Baby geckos
  • Baby turtles
  • Soft-billed birds
  • Small tropical fish

When to Buy Medium Phoenix Worms

Medium Phoenix Worms are slightly larger than small Phoenix Worms at 7/16 inch, or 12mm, long. When your baby beardies reach a length of 4 to 6.5 inches, you may want to transition from small to medium Phoenix Worms.

Other creatures that prefer medium Phoenix Worms:

  • Medium-sized geckos
  • Medium-sized anoles
  • Medium-sized turtles
  • Small skinks
  • Large tropical fish
  • Small hedgehogs
  • Small skunks
  • Small sugar gliders

When to Buy Large Phoenix Worms

As we noted, large Phoenix Worms are less than an inch in length, measuring ¾ inch, or 18mm, long. Many juvie bearded dragon owners begin to buy them once their dragon is 7 inches long. Most adult bearded dragons feast on large Phoenix Worms, packing in the calcium-rich fat and protein.

Other creatures that prefer large Phoenix Worms:

  • Small monitors
  • Veiled chameleons
  • Chinese water dragons
  • Large geckos
  • Many other insectivores

We are here to help you make the right choice for your pet. Feel free to contact our team at any time for expert advice and guidance. In the meantime, shop our selection of fresh Phoenix Worms, available in a variety of quantities at small, medium, and large sizes.

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