Does Aging Affect Your Bearded Dragon’s Care?

19th Oct 2022

bearded dragon sitting on a log

Caring for an Older Bearded Dragon

The lifespan of your pet bearded dragon will largely depend on the care they receive. A well cared for bearded dragon can have a lifespan of 8 to 15 years. Around age 6 or 7, your bearded dragon unofficially becomes a senior citizen: But what does that mean for their care?

You may notice that your dragon is not as active as they were before. They might experience weakness in their limbs and move less. And, because they are moving less, they will likely eat less. This is all normal behavior for an aging dragon. While you cannot stop the aging process, there are things you can do to ease your dragon’s twilight years.

Closely monitor your bearded dragon’s hydration. 

As your pet ages, their kidney function is at risk of decreasing—proper hydration is critical. We recommend spraying or dropping water on your dragon’s nose or in their mouth. Also, keep your bearded dragon’s water bowl close to where they spend most of their time in the tank.

Offer more Dubia roaches and hornworms. 

Limit superworms, butterworms, and other feeder insects that are higher in fat to an occasional treat. This will help your bearded dragon maintain a healthy weight.

Make sure your pet has easy access to their basking spot. 

As your bearded dragon ages, they will be more prone to diseases caused by the cold, so basking time will be even more important. Their basking rock or platform should be easily accessible. Keep the temperature between 92°F to 110°F.

Decrease your bearded dragon’s stress when possible. 

This means avoiding overly bright lights or loud noises near the tank. Maintain proper humidity levels, keep the tank clean, and keep the water source fresh at all times. When you can, avoid unfamiliar people tapping on the tank or looking into the tank.

We are here to provide any guidance as you care for an aging bearded dragon. Count on us to supply your pet with a highly nutritious and delicious diet of live feeder insects.

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