Feeding Your Spiny-Tailed (Ackies) Monitor

18th May 2022

Spiny-Tailed (Ackies) Monitor

Feeding Your Spiny-Tailed (Ackies) Monitor

What Do Ackies Monitors Eat?

If you’re anything like us, you love the beautiful spiny-tailed monitor, also known as the Ackies monitor. They are colorful, tolerate handling, and stay generally small in size—even as full-grown adults. These traits make them a favorite among reptile owners and enthusiasts.

Before you bring home an Ackies monitor, you have work to do: preparing an enclosure that is tall with plenty of space for your lizard to burrow, installing a UVB heat lamp for basking, and supplying a large water bowl big enough for your monitor to soak in. Finally, you’ll want to make sure you have your monitor’s food sources ready to go.

What do you feed an Ackies monitor?

Ackies should be fed primarily whole prey foods. In the wild, they are hunters that eat primarily meat. This means live feeder insects like Dubia roaches, mealworms, and crickets will be their staple food sources. You can supplement whole prey foods with occasional treats like raw minced turkey, fish, eggs, snails, or mice that have been weaned. Aim to feed your adult Ackies monitor 4–5 days a week—they do not need to eat daily.

While other lizards will consume some fresh greens, fruits, or vegetables, your Ackies monitor should not be fed these items. Their nutrient intake will come from calcium-dusting their food and feeding them gut-loaded insects.

What should I feed a baby or young monitor?

Young monitors cannot yet swallow larger prey like mice. It is best to keep them on a diet of Dubia roaches, mealworms, or crickets.

Feeding Tips for Ackies Monitors

  • Avoid feeding them rodents, like mice, in excess.
  • Dust insects with calcium for extra nutrients.
  • Don’t feed your monitor canned dog or cat food.

ABDragons is proud to supply live feeder insects for your Ackies monitor. Our insects are of the highest quality possible. If you have any questions about meeting your reptile’s unique feeding needs, please reach out to our team.



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