How to Care for a Water Monitor

29th Dec 2015

This aptly named lizard, also known as the Varanus Salvator, is a large lizard native to Asia. This creature lives in areas near water and can be found in various parts of Asia such as South Asia and Southeast Asia. The water lizard goes by many other names such as the Malayan Water Monitor, Common Water Monitor, Asian Water Monitor, Rice Lizard, Two-banded Monitor, Ring Lizard, No-mark Lizard, and the Plain Lizard.

The Water Monitor can grow up to six and a half feet long and males grow larger than females. The weight of the mature Water Monitor can be about 43 pounds, but other studies have shown mature adults to weigh about 17 pounds. The species maximum weight can go up to 110 pounds, but there have been reported special cases in which mature Water Monitors have grown to be almost 200 pounds.

Water Monitors find defense in their claws, jaws, and tails. They are excellent swimmers, and they use their raised fins on their tails for steering through the water. Water Monitors are carnivorous reptiles who eat snakes, rodents, crabs, birds, frogs, roaches, and fish. They are also known to eat young crocodiles and turtles. While the water monitor lizard can be an expensive reptile to feed,  dubia roaches are a great food for them as they are inexpensive and provide lots of protein for the lizard.

To care for the Water Monitor, have the proper enclosure set up days in advance of the lizard’s arrival. It is crucial to always have fresh water available for them. Because they have a high metabolism and a fast growing rate, it takes a lot of food to feed the Water Monitor, so always have enough on hand. Again, because of the speed at which they grow, it is important to be prepared to change the lizard’s closure as it grows bigger. Water Monitors require a low-stress environment, so it is crucial to avoid putting it in any stress-inducing situations.

The Water Monitor is a great lizard that will thrive in an environment in which they get the proper care. With lots of food and space to grow, the lizard can be a fun, interactive pet to have in your home. Once you have done the proper research for your Water Monitor, you can learn how to help it grow happy and healthy.

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