Is It Safe to Dress Up My Reptile for Halloween?

5th Oct 2022

two illuminated jack-o-lanterns

Guidelines for Putting Your Pet in a Costume

As Halloween approaches, many new reptile owners may be thinking about costumes for their bearded dragon, iguana, or other pet. We understand that dressing up your pet can be appealing: After all, they’re so cute, why not show them off? However, before you put clothes on your bearded dragon, make sure you ask yourself a few key questions.

Will my pet tolerate the handling needed to get a costume on? 

Will my pet tolerate wearing the costume?  

For most captive–bred reptiles—like bearded dragons, lizards, snakes, geckos, monitors, and iguanas—the answer to those questions is likely yes. While you know your pet best, and it is ultimately up to your personal discretion, these pets can likely tolerate wearing a simple costume for Halloween. On the other hand, amphibians and invertebrates—like frogs, newts, and salamanders—have sensitive skin that needs to retain a balance of moisture. A fabric costume covering their skin could disrupt their body’s balance and cause respiratory issues.

Safe Costumes for Pet Reptiles 

Once you decide your pet can tolerate a costume, keep these considerations in mind to ensure your pet’s safety and comfort.

Focus on costumes that slip over the head. You should be able to get the costume on and off your pet without causing them any discomfort.

The costume shouldn’t obstruct your pet’s movements. Your costume should rest on top of the reptile without hindering their ability to move and function as normal. Some of the most popular reptile costumes are designed as cloaks or hats.

Do not leave your pet in a costume unsupervised. While you might be able to rock your costume for hours at a party, your pet reptile should not. Limit their time in costume and monitor them constantly. At any signs of distress, remove the costume from your pet.

If you plan to dress up your pet for Halloween, please make sure you do so safely! We would love to see photos of your reptile. Tag us on Instagram or comment on our Facebook page to share your picture.

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