Pac Man Frogs

1st Dec 2015

Pac Man Frogs provide one of the most unique reptile companions you can invest in. This bulky, interesting, and vibrant species is perfect for both amateur and experienced reptile owners. For those looking to add a Pac Man Frog to their own collection, here are a few important housing, feeding, and caring tips you should take into account:

Housing a Pac Man Frog

When you first buy a Pac Man Frog, it may only be about the size of a quarter. However, within the first half year of their lives, many Pac Man Frogs will grow to be up to a full six inches in length. With this in mind, you should dedicate a full 10-gallon tank for their living space.

Pac Man Frogs are not adept jumpers; due to their bulky size. Therefore, you will not need to cover a cage unless other hazards exist within your home that you want to protect the frog from. Children, cats, and other household pests can potentially cause harm to your Pac Man Frog, so make sure it is well guarded against them.

These frogs are used to securing themselves in the wild via various forms of natural camouflage. To make your Pac Man Frog feel secure, provide it with a layer of either sphagnum moss or gravel, thick enough that it will be able to scrunch down and hide within the layer. Doing so will make them feel safe from “prey,” and will help them feel like the natural hunters they tend to be in the wild.

Additionally, providing your Pac Man Frog with sufficient greenery and safe plant life will help them feel secure. By giving your little one places to hide, they will live more stress-free, and longer lives.

One of the most important things to provide in your housing is a consistent level of moisture. Keeping your substrate moist will allow the Pac Man Frog to breathe properly, as it breathes through its skin. To keep conditions of the substrate sterile, be sure to clean the housing often.

Feeding a Pac Man Frog

Pac Man Frogs are known for trying to devour any source of nutrition it can fit in its rather large mouth. For this reason, the frogs are likely to attempt to eat anything you present to them. However, knowing what food sources and supplements will allow them to lead long and healthy lives is of utmost importance.

Because the Pac Man Frog is rather aggressive in its feeding habits, you will want to invest in a substrate that will be safe to eat. Often times, the Pac Man Frog will end up eating some of its substrate while capturing its main food source. To ensure the safety of your pet, use smaller substrates such as gravel or sand if possible.

One of the best foods for Pac Man Frogs are Dubia Roaches. These hearty roaches hold many of the nutrients the frogs need for a healthy upbringing, and are affordably approached when bought in bulk. For a great source to gain the Dubia Roaches you will need while caring for your Pac Man Frog, be sure to check out the amazing deals at AB Dragons.

Supplement wise, Pac Man Frogs need calcium and vitamin D3 to help with their rapid growth cycles. If you want their growth cycle to be steady and healthy, be sure to include a responsible and well-thought-out vitamin regiment in their diets. However, you must always avoid vitamin overdoses.

Finally, you should occasionally feed your Pac Man Frog the occasional small rodent or goldfish. Doing so will help their nutritional regiment, and give them a better sense of leading a life that feels natural to them.

Caring for a Pac Man Frog

Mixing other animals into your Pac Man Frogs cage is dangerous. As they are naturally aggressive, and can swallow that is their size or smaller, Pac Man Frogs will often attempt to kill their cage mates, putting both animals in extreme danger.

Lighting conditions are extremely important to Pac Man Frogs. They enjoy full-spectrum light, so the closer you can get to providing them with this condition the better. Additionally, keeping the cage wet with enough water source is extremely important.

Pac Man Frogs tend to dislike handling, and will often bite those that attempt to do so. For this reason, you should invest in a “frog scoop” that will help you handle the frog in a safe and secure manner. Doing so will absolutely help you out when it comes time to clean both him and his cage. If you handle your Pac Man Frog, it can often bother their skin, which is a much bigger pain to him then his relatively painless bite will be to you. Remember, always practice respectful, safe, and knowledgeable Pac Man Frog handling practices. 

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