Questions for Bruce: Why Isn’t My Gecko Eating?

7th Jan 2021

Questions for Bruce: Why Isn’t My Gecko Eating?

Questions for Bruce

Why Isn’t My Gecko Eating?

Brad from Mentor, Ohio, asked: “Our family has owned various lizards over the years, and we recently added a golden gecko. We’ve all been enjoying our new addition, but some days, we notice that he just doesn’t seem interested in his food. We have been offering him a diet of insects. Are we not offering the right kinds of foods or could there be another reason he isn’t eating?”

Bruce’s Answer: Congratulations on your new gecko! Golden geckos are very special lizards, but, as you probably already know, they can be a little harder to care for than other gecko varieties due to their skittish nature and notoriously finicky appetite. That being said, there are several reasons why your gecko may not be eating. The questions below are a great place to start and can apply to any kind of gecko.

Are you offering a balanced diet? 

Your gecko is likely most interested in small- to medium-sized insects like Dubia roaches, mealworms, and waxworms. However, some types of geckos, such as golden geckos, are omnivorous and can eat fruit occasionally. Try offering a piece of mango or a mashed banana to see if it sparks his appetite.

Does your gecko have plenty of room? 

Your gecko’s appetite can be affected by his physical condition. One factor is whether your gecko has enough space to move around and play. In their natural environment, geckos get their exercise from climbing. Your gecko’s enclosure should be tall and include places for him to hide and climb, such as climbing poles, a live plant, branches, or pieces of driftwood.

Are the heat and humid conditions in your gecko’s enclosure stable? 

Another factor that affects your gecko’s appetite is whether he has a comfortable, humid environment. Make sure you are providing adequate heat and maintaining the proper levels of humidity.

Have you offered something new? 

If your gecko does not seem interested in what you’re serving, try offering a new food like a different insect. Perhaps your gecko is in a “food rut” and needs a change. Sometimes, we all just need to switch it up!

If you have concerns about your gecko’s health, we recommend contacting your local veterinarian. Also, feel free to reach out to our team for guidance and advice. We hope you will shop our high-quality selection of feeder insects to provide the best possible diet for your pet. Remember that geckos love Dubia roaches as a nutritious and delicious snack option!

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