The Benefits of Phoenix Worms® for Baby Bearded Dragons

12th Sep 2022

Why These Feeder Insects Are a Good Choice

Did you just bring home new baby bearded dragon hatchlings? Congratulations! Baby bearded dragons are full of energy—active and mobile. They will be eager to explore their surroundings. They will also be hungry! A baby bearded dragon’s diet consists of 80 percent insects and 20 percent greens, a ratio that will change as they get older.

Your baby bearded dragons can eat nutrient-rich greens like turnip and collard greens to get the moisture content they need. When it comes to insects, you have many options–but one stands out from the rest. Phoenix Worms® can make a great single protein meal for your baby dragons. They are high in protein and calcium and come in a variety of sizes to meet the needs of your dragon as a baby, juvenile, and adult:

Small Phoenix Worms® 

  • 5/16” (18mm) long 
  • Ideal for hatchlings

“Great for my hatchlings and 2 week olds with loads of calcium!” - Brittney 

Medium Phoenix Worms® 

  • 7/16” (12mm) long 
  • Ideal for dragons who are 4” to 6.5” long

“The new baby loves these great [products], arrived earlier than expected!” - Jamie M. 

Large Phoenix Worms® 

  • ¾” (18mm) long 
  • Ideal for dragons who are 7 inches long

“These are for my growing beardie… He loves them!” - Jamie N. 

Treat Your Baby Dragons to Phoenix Worms®

The Superior Calcium-Rich Feeder

ABDragons is happy to provide our customers with high-quality Phoenix Worms® for their bearded dragon hatchlings, adult dragons, and other insectivores like veiled chameleons, geckos, small monitors, and more. Please reach out with any questions or feeder insect’s needs.

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