Unpacking Your Dubia Roaches

Posted by AB Dragons on 11th Nov 2014

You may envision unpacking roaches to be a stress provoking, scary event. Fortunately, the process is not so. Unboxing  Dubia roaches can be a very simplistic project when done correctly. Keep in mind that this project should be done carefully and not hastily. Take a look.

The first thing to do before you begin the process of unpacking your roaches is set up the habitat for your colony. The ideal container to use is a 22 gallon Sterilite storage container. You will want to choose a solid color bin or cover up a clear bin because roaches prefer the dark. Once you have your bin, you will add a mesh or aluminum screen for the top.

The next step is to add egg crates or drink carriers (as featured in our video) to the habitat. This provides access for your roaches and allows the roach waste to drop to the bottom of the habitat. You will then need to add your roach chow and water crystals.

Once your habitat is ready to go, you are ready to start the process of unpacking the roaches. Carefully cut open the box being sure not to cut too deep into the box. Pull out the bag containing your roaches and use scissors to cut open the bag. Keep your fingers around the top of the bag to ensure no roaches escape. You will then walk the bag over to your enclosure. Flip the bag upside down and allow the roaches to drop out of the bag. You will need to do some light tapping to the egg cartons that came with the roaches. The light tapping will get the roaches off of the egg cartons so that you can take them out of the enclosure. Make sure you don’t put any dead roaches in your enclosure. Once all of the roaches are out of the bag and are in the enclosure you are then able to put the lid on.

As with the handling of any creature, it is very important to be sanitary. Be sure to wash your hands after handling your new roach colony.

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