Waxing Poetic About Waxworms

13th Mar 2020

Waxworms are tremendous feeder insects. Because of their high-fat content, they are often used to rehab sick animals who have lost weight. They are low maintenance for the pet owner and offer many benefits to your pet. Trust us - your bearded dragons won’t be disappointed if you decide to make waxworms a part of their daily diet. Let’s take a look at some tips for caring for waxworms.

Keep Your Cool

Waxworms like it to be cool but not cold. You can put them in the refrigerator, but try to keep them in the butter tray on the door where it is a few degrees warmer than the rest of your fridge.

Their Diet Is No Diet

When you receive your waxworms, they will be in a stage of life that requires no food. You won’t need to feed them during the time you’ll have them in your care.

They Eventually Spread Their Wings

If you keep the waxworms at room temperature, they will eventually cocoon and turn into moths. Some reptiles really like the taste of those winged insects, so it might be worth it to let a few enter that stage and see how your reptiles react.

At ABDragons, we supply you with disease-free, healthy waxworms to provide a nutritious meal to your beloved pet. Purchase some waxworms today and let us provide the best feeder insects in the business to your reptile!

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