What You Need to Know: How We Ship Live Insects in the Winter

Posted by ABDragons on 21st Jan 2019

Shipping insects is a challenge year-round. But, when the temperature drops, many customers worry about the quality of the insects they receive from us. While we understand it may be cause for concern, we take every precaution to ensure our product is exactly what you have come to expect from us 365 days a year.

Below are some of the common questions we receive in regards to shipping live insects in the winter: 

1. Why doesn’t my order have a heat pack? 

The Styrofoam peanuts we use to pack our feeders, along with the natural body heat of the insects, protect them from the elements during shipping. What people may not understand is that if the temperature outside is above 20 degrees, an insect can overheat and cook themselves. So, unless temperatures drop below 20 degrees, we do not include heat packs.

2. Can the insect feeders die from cold weather? 

When the insect feeders get cold during shipping, it is very common for the live animals to go dormant. Do not mistake this for them being dead upon arrival! Take the insects out of the bag and let them sit in a container at room temperature. After a few hours, the insects should warm up and come back to life.

3. What does it mean for an insect to go dormant? 

While insects don’t technically hibernate during winter like other animals, their bodies enter a hibernation-like state called dispause. This dormant state causes their metabolic rate to drop to one tenth or less, so it can use stored body fat to survive throughout the winter months. Some insects even produce alcohols, which can serve as a type of natural anti-freeze.

We fully understand the importance of protecting our insect feeders from the harsh winter weather. Luckily, Mother Nature has built in a backup plan to naturally protect these insects during the cold months, allowing us to ship to our customers year-round. 

If you are concerned that your insect feeder arrived dead, please email us with a picture and your order number. Email us directly at:

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