Large Superworms 1.75-2"

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  • Superworms
  • Large Superworms 1.75-2"
  • Large Superworms 1.75-2"
  • Large Superworms 1.75-2"
  • Large Superworms 1.75-2"

The Bugs are on Vacation till the week of 8th Aug 2022

$19.00 - $50.00



Reptiles, birds, fish, and even chickens just love them.

They are very lively and fast moving.  They have a long shelf life and are easily digestible. 

They don't need refrigeration (it will actually harm them).  Keep them at warm room temperatures (75° to 90°).  For storing larger numbers of Superworms, add a few slices of potato for food and water to keep them alive.  The worms will not pupate as long as you keep them with many other larvae.  If they receive constant bodily contact, they stay in the larvae stage.

Food and supplies for your Superworms. Click here for all insect supplies.

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101 Reviews

  • 5
    Highly Recommend!

    Posted by Aaron Taylor on 6th Jul 2021

    I ordered 2000 ( 1000 for $50 x 2) and I was very pleased when they arrived. All of them were alive, and my beardies love them. I will be purchasing from here again!

  • 5

    Posted by Amanda M on 4th Jul 2021

    Happy Beardy makes a Happy Momma

  • 5
    The large superworms

    Posted by Christopher Rees on 4th Jul 2021

    In terms of bugs, they are very "intelligent." Especially in groups.

  • 5

    Posted by William Minor on 28th Jun 2021

    Everything arrived alive and was very well packaged.

  • 5
    Super worms arrived alive & in secure packaging & my pixie frog was delighted to woof down 40 of them right away.

    Posted by Peter Corson on 27th Jun 2021

    I’ll be ordering again.

  • 4
    Large Superworms

    Posted by Steve S on 26th Jun 2021

    Always speedy delivery with all worms alive. I’m a multiple repeat buyer from them.

  • 5

    Posted by Laurie Cavazos on 24th Jun 2021

    The superworms come fast and they are very healthy my beardies love them

  • 5
    Large superworms

    Posted by Philip Maffei on 21st Jun 2021

    Probably the cleanest best quality supers I've purchased in years and shipping was fast and on time

  • 5
    Super worms

    Posted by Chad Karcinell on 21st Jun 2021

    Always arrive alive my dragons love them

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