How to Keep Your Bearded Dragon Hydrated

9th May 2022

bearded dragon taking a drink

How to Keep Your Bearded Dragon Hydrated

Tips for Preventing Dehydration

We’ve talked about bearded dragon dehydration on this blog before. As you likely know, it can be tricky for bearded dragon owners to distinguish the signs of dehydration—like lethargy, constipation, and loss of skin elasticity—from symptoms of an illness. Bearded dragons are native to desert regions with high temperatures and low humidity. They stay hydrated in the wild through their food and occasional access to rainwater. Hydration is very important to their overall health and well-being. The best action you can take is to be proactive in preventing your bearded dragon from becoming dehydrated—and we have some tips to help!


When you mist your bearded dragon, you are providing him a source of water. Your dragon can lick the water droplets from his skin. Misting also provides an added bonus: It helps your dragon with the skin shedding process because it adds moisture to his environment.

Water Bowl

Your dragon should always have access to a bowl of clean water in his enclosure. Even if he is not drinking it, always replace it daily. While some dragons will never get the hang of drinking from the bowl, others will—this is why it is important to provide options, such as a combination of misting and access to a water bowl. You may need to draw your bearded dragon’s attention to the water by swishing the water around the bowl with your finger and generating movement.

Lukewarm Bath

One of the best ways to keep your bearded dragon hydrated is by giving him a bath! While soaking in the tub, he will have a great opportunity to drink some water.


Insects like hornworms are very high in water content, making them a good source of rehydration for your reptile. Bearded dragons generally enjoy hornworms, which are known for being a “magic trick” for fussy eaters. Incorporate hornworms into your bearded dragon’s diet to help fend off dehydration. You can shop for hornworms at ABDragons.

High water content vegetables

You can supplement your bearded dragon’s diet with vegetables that have a high water content. Popular choices include bell peppers, collard greens, endive or escarole, broccoli, and kale.

ABDragons Is Here to Help

If you have questions about the best ways to keep your bearded dragon hydrated, or the best feeder insects to help rehydrate him, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our team. 


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