Questions for Bruce: Are Superworms Safe for My Bearded Dragon?

27th Aug 2020

Questions for Bruce

Are Superworms Safe for My Bearded Dragon?

Dana from Willoughby, Ohio, asked: “Bruce, I have heard that superworms can be dangerous. I am wondering if this is true. Can you confirm if superworms are safe to feed my bearded dragon?”

Bruce’s Answer: “Thanks for the question, Dana! You are not the first bearded dragon owner to wonder whether superworms pose a threat to your pet. Superworms are highly unlikely to cause any danger to your bearded dragon, and so long as you adhere to some general recommendations we’ll discuss more in this article, they can be a great addition to your pet’s diet.”

Let’s Talk Superworms

A Protein-Dense Treat for Bearded Dragons

Superworms are lively, fast-moving insects that are easily digestible by most lizards and reptiles and have a long shelf life. Unlike mealworms, superworms do have an ability to bite; however, they are generally docile little critters. Still, we recommend feeding them primarily to larger, fully-grown bearded dragons rather than babies. We also recommend that you offer your bearded dragon one to two superworms at a time, rather than a handful at once. If you put too many superworms into the cage, the superworms can “escape” and burrow into your reptile’s substrate.

Because they are so protein dense, just a few superworms will pack a heavy dose of nutrients. Superworms also contain a high concentration of fat, calcium, and fiber. Think of them as a once or twice a week treat for your beardy, rather than a primary daily food source.

ABDragons has healthy, live superworms available for shipping in medium and large sizes. Order today—your pet will thank you!

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