Super Care for Superworms

3rd Apr 2020

At ABDragons, our Superworms may not come with little capes and X-ray vision, but these feeder insects deliver super strength to your animals in the form of high amounts of protein and nutrients. Unlike giant mealworms, who get their size through supplements and hormones, the Superworm grows to its large size naturally, hence the “super.” Now that we know a little bit about why they are so special, let’s talk about caring for Superworms as feeder insects.

Tip #1: Creating Their Fortress of Solitude

Every superhero needs a hideout, and Superworms are no exception! You’ll want to keep them in a plastic tub with proper ventilation and smooth sides that prevent them from climbing out. You’ll need a screen at the top of the tub to provide them with some fresh air.

Tip #2: Provide Proper Flooring

While Superworms don’t need Italian marble, they are picky about their flooring. They need a healthy layer of substrate to survive. Wheat bran and uncooked oatmeal make for great materials, but you also want to ensure that the material you use is dry. 4 inches of material gives your Superworms plenty of room to get cozy.

Tip #3: They Like a Midnight Snack

Superworms like to eat at night because they are nocturnal creatures. They like healthy snacks like potatoes, carrots, apples, and greens but make sure you are feeding them high-quality produce. The input matches the output when it comes to food.

Tip #4: Keep Them Dry

If the Superworm has a kryptonite, it’s water. Keep their habitat dry and do not mist or spray them!

If you want a “Super” reptile, feed them Superworms! They are easily digested by most breeds of lizards and are packed with nutrients. And if you are looking for the highest-quality feeder insects in the business, you found your source with ABDragons! Order your Superworms today!

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