Questions for Bruce: Will Dubia Roaches Live in My House If They Get Loose?

Questions for Bruce: Will Dubia Roaches Live in My House If They Get Loose?

12th Jun 2020

What Happens If Dubia Roaches Get Out of Their Enclosure?

Arnold from Chesterland, Ohio asked: “Hey, Bruce! I can’t think of many things I want less than a roach infestation in my house. Should I be nervous about getting hundreds of new roommates if my Dubia roaches get loose inside my home?”

Bruce’s Answer: “Arnold, that is a great question. It’s one we hear often here at ABDragons. To understand the answer, you need to know a little more about Dubia roaches.

Our friend Alicia here at ABDragons calls Dubia roaches 'diva' roaches. No, they don’t sing powerful ballads and attend the Met Gala, but they are delicate and sensitive. Remember, these aren’t your normal cockroaches. They are far more fragile than their better-known roach counterparts. 

Dubia roaches don’t do well in heat or cold, and they are very sensitive to any uncontrolled changes in temperatures. They also don’t survive very long without food and nutrients. Within about a week or so, you’re likely to find a Dubia shell in your home, and that is all that will be left. But the truth is that the whole saga probably won’t go that far. You see, you have a better chance of escaping a maximum-security prison than the Dubia roaches have of escaping their enclosure. 

Cockroaches climb everything. Dubia roaches can’t climb much of anything. If you have them in a glass or plastic environment, they won’t be able to scale the walls to make their escape. If the environment is extremely dirty or has rough spots that they can use as footholds, they might have a shot, but if you clean the environment and keep the sides smooth, they aren’t going anywhere. 

To sum it up, Arnold, you won’t need to draft a roommate agreement for you and your Dubia roaches anytime soon! If they do the unthinkable and break out of their environment, they probably won’t last very long on the outside. Your 'diva' roaches are going to stay in place. I will say that if you catch any of them belting out hit songs, I would like to be involved in management! Have their people call my people!”

Bruce and the team at ABDragons are always available to help you with any questions you have! Send a  message to our team, and we will get back to you as soon as possible with the answers you need! In the meantime, click the link below to shop for those 'diva' roaches.

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