5 Things You MUST Do for Healthy Dubia Roaches

Posted by ABDragons on 10th Jan 2020

Dubia roaches are amazing little creatures. They are very social and love to be around their colony mates. They even grow at a faster rate when they have more social interaction. They are relatively easy to care for and can even coexist with other species in some cases, making it simple to raise your own colony, if you know some of the basics! Here are 5 things you MUST do to raise a healthy Dubia roach colony!


Dubia roaches simply have to have hydration. People often say that they are taking care of the roaches because they are feeding them chow, but sometimes they aren’t properly hydrating them to keep them alive! Roaches can get water from fruits and veggies like carrots, oranges, and apples, but they can also receive help from water crystals as a supplement.


While fruits and veggies are always great for your colony, you can think about adding chow to the dietary mix. Chow is specially made to target vitamin groups and proteins that the roaches need to grow and thrive. You can find an all-natural chow that will be healthy for your colony and provide all of the nutrients it needs to flourish.


Warmth is so vital to your colony. Many people confuse the care of Dubia roaches with other types of feeder insects and keep them in refrigerated rooms or room temperature environments. Not only can these environments stunt growth, but they can also destroy your roaches. 70°F to 80°F is the optimal temperature range for a healthy, growing colony.


It’s very important to keep your Dubia roaches covered, mainly because flies can wreak havoc if they get into the environment. Flies are likely to lay eggs in the roaches' food, and that can destroy the nutrition source for your colony. Adding a screen to the top of the container will work great!


We’ve all heard someone say “You’ll sweat to death” if you wear hot clothes on a warm day; in the case of Dubia roaches, this phrase is extremely accurate. If the roaches are too warm, they will sweat, and for these creatures, that means doom. While the roaches love to be around each other and need that close proximity to grow, they can become overheated. Placing egg crates at the bottom of the environment gives them the terrain they need to be able to escape contact if their body temperature increases too much.

Looking for more tips, accessories or even specimens to advance your Dubia roach colony? You’ve come to the right place! ABDragons is your one-stop shop for all things Dubia and more! Contact us today and let’s make sure your Dubia colony is set up for success!

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